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Five Smooth Stones - Author Janis Hunt Johnson, CS

A New Book By Author & Spiritual Healer Janis Hunt Johnson

Order Five Smooth Stones: Our Power To Heal Without Medicine Through The Science Of Prayer by Author and Spiritual Healer Janis Hunt Johnson, CS.

Five Smooth Stones
Our Power To Heal Without Medicine
Through The Science Of Prayer

  • Longing for healing of a problem — physical, emotional or financial?

  • Weary of medicines, treatments and therapy?

  • Seeking a deeper understanding of reality?

  • Want to help heal the world?

If you’ve had your fill of gurus and self-help tapes, and still hunger for the main course — this book is for you! Discover your own answers, and find practical spiritual healing methods that actually work — without ever compromising a healthy skepticism.

Author and Spiritual Healer Janis Hunt Johnson offers a revolutionary perspective on scientific prayer, which rather than requiring a leap of faith, is based on understanding the unchanging laws of the universe. She insists that there is no conflict between science and spirituality.

Starting with the biblical story of David and Goliath, she presents five universal laws from a spiritual and scientific perspective. She offers a practical method that heals any problem through prayer alone. Like David, if we turn to God as a first resort, even when we feel utterly overwhelmed by difficulties that loom over us like a giant Goliath, Five Smooth Stones is all we need to win the battle. You can prove it for yourself!

Five Smooth Stones is published by CS Renewal, an imprint of The Wisdom Exchange.


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